Our Story

In 2020, I found myself working from home. I decided to set up my office near a large window so that I could have a view of the backyard and surrounding woods. I believe there are so many benefits provided by nature and for me, spending time outdoors has always provided a sense of peace and inspiration that is hard to find anywhere else.

I have always been especially intrigued by birds - their color, personality and yes, their etiquette. I looked forward to my work breaks so I could observe the birds as they visited my garden and feeders. 
As a graphic designer it wasn’t long before I was sketching the birds I was watching, and adding my own twist by rendering them in the textures of the wood, fabrics and other found objects lying around my house.



Before long I had a small collection of designs. Wanting to incorporate the beauty and benefits of nature into my daily life, I decided to bring the outside inside, using the inspiration provided by my garden visitors to create Bird Etiquette.

Cheers from Ohio